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Master Gun is a complete project template that will help you create a shooting hyper casual games. You only need change graphic, models, add more levels, replace ads key to publish a good game in google play or app store. The project use Unity new version (2021.3) so your project has the highest of performance and features

Apk Test File:

->Apk File

Video Trailer:


  • 64 bit architecture

  • Hyper casual game style

  • 10 different levels and loop (add more levels very easy, we created a guide video)

  • Admob (banner, interstitial, reward video)

  • Firebase Analytics (you only need replace .plist or .json file for working on your account)

  • 3D low poly graphic (it’s fit for hyper casual games and good performance in mobile)

  • Replace 3d models in project easily (we created guide video to reskin character or level objects)

  • Run well on Android or IOS (Tested)

  • Made by new version of Unity (Unity 2021.3)